In 1915, the City of Dallas purchased 36 acres in what was then, far North Dallas, with a vision for the future. A public area that would enlighten and expand the the recreational and leisure opportunities for the citizens of Dallas. Designed to be the Central Park of Dallas, Reverchon Park was was born.

A lot has changed over the years, but one thing has remained the same. Reverchon Park is still a welcome opportunity for the people of Dallas. As good as the park is, there is still room for improvement. That's why The Friends of Reverchon Park are working with the city of Dallas to implement the Reverchon Park Restoration and Development Plan. This plan will offer improvements and maintenance opportunities designed to make the park more appealing and functional to the more than 30,000 Dallas citizens utilize Reverchon Park each year.

Reverchon Park has a bright future. Help us, as we work together to restore and revitalize one of Dallas' most beautiful assets.   Watch a brief video on the recent work to revitalize the stonework added to the park by the WPA in 1936. ---> Click here

Thank you.

Lori Ashmore-Peters, President

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Reverchon Ballfield, c.1930 Source Dallas Municipal Archives

¡Por favor Amigos de Reverchon, NO FUMAR!

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Just a reminder that it is now illegal to smoke at our City of Dallas parks and trails. This past November, the Dallas City Council approved a smoking ban on park property with some exceptions. The smoking ordinance took effect March 1.

“We encourage the community to join us in making our parks smoke free come March 1,” said Willis Winters, Dallas Park and Recreation Director. “This is a new ordinance approved by the City Council, so we are going to spend time educating residents about the new smoking ban.”

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Ever tried HIKING YOGA?

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According to their website, Athleta is partnering with Natalie Cummings Yoga to offer you four chances to try out hiking yoga along the Dallas Katy Trail! The 90-minute yoga hikes stretch, strengthen and re-focus you on the trail. The perk is the social aspect. Bring some friends and have brunch afterward. Explore areas in Dallas that you may have never experienced before.  Integrate a body ~ nature ~ spirit practice in the beautiful parks and trails along the Dallas Katy Trail 1.5 Hours~ 3 miles The meeting location will be in front of the Reverchon Park Recreation Center, 3505 Maple Ave (Maple Ave & Turtle Creek) Dallas, TX. For more information and to reserve your spot, please visit:

Use Code ATHLETA after clicking Redeem Coupon or Package button below, then choose the April classes of your choice to enjoy your free yoga hike! Read More >>